Derek & Braeden: Guns and Horses

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Dean & Cas - Mirrors (complete)

Falling out of love is hard, falling for betrayal is worse.

Derek Hale - Impossible

Derek & Stiles - Stay Awhile

Derek&Stiles - Rootless Tree

"He’d never admit it, but there is one person. One person who can reach him; who can save him."

Can you do a coloring tutorial on the coloring of the Ships video? O: THe coloring is beautiful

Thank you very much! :) And of course. Here it is:

Or if you prefer, here is the download link for the coloring: (made in Pro 9)

ALPHASBETASTUDIOS - Teen Wolf | Night of The Hunter.

Teen Wolf Season 2: Calling All Riders





#some ships just want to watch the world burn

this ship is just too much for me. 

(Disclaimer: I don’t watch many vids and I don’t know much about them.)

I liked this vid a lot more than I expected to. (HAHAH HORRIBLE BACKHANDED COMPLIMENT IS HORRIBLE. On the second viewing, I loved it.) But let me explain. I follow a bunch of Derek/Stiles shippy tumblrs, mostly for the LULZ, because as much as I love the ‘ship, to me they are so not the schmoopy star-crossed lovers that a lot of these gifs imply. And anything that could happen between them romantically or sexually is very much in the show’s future.

What I like about this vid is that it doesn’t whitewash that; it shows the violence and problems and Stiles saying, “Can’t we just let him die?” The repeated lyric “ships in the night” works for me with this pairing—there’s so many reasons for it not to happen or work. The ship will set itself on fire, if not the world. The vid starts out shippy with the pool scene in the softer part of the song, then goes into the harder edges showing all the problems and emotional complexities: Kate Argent, Peter Hale, Sheriff Stilinski, Erica, Lydia, everything that’s going on in Beacon Hills. It doesn’t use clips from the show to create a narrative that isn’t there, but uses them to illustrate Derek and Stiles’s complicated relationship as it exists, with a ‘shippy hope for the future.


I-I don’t even. I don’t even know what to say. Just.. wow! Thank you guys so very much! I am very honored and thrilled and flattered and touched and LSFKBMLGBMGFMNLHNMGHJNJAHBJDH!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS. I’M SO HAPPY YOU ALL ENJOYED THIS VIDEO!