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Dean & Cas - Mirrors (complete)

Dean&Cas - Mirrors (Preview 2)

Preview: Dean&Cas - Mirrors

(a little teaser for my lovely ladies)

I’m honestly so upset abt what they’re doing with Cas :( Why did his first time have to be like that. They’re going out of their way to make things miserable and it’s too much :/

Same. I get the writers wanting Cas to experience just how harsh humanity can be, but damn. Losing his virginity by manipulation is just too much of a big pill for me to swallow. *shivers* And now Cas having to leave his family… just DAMN. I hope so badly that Dean either tells Cas the truth or sets him up and prepares him for human life and doesn’t just toss him out in the cold. Knowing the writers tho… *shakes head* 

:( hold me and let me cry about cas tbh

*curls around you* 

I gotcha, bby. Let it out.

*sniffles and snuggles* <3333333

why do the writers insist on toying with my cas emotions ugh ugh ugh

Lucifer has more sympathy than the SPN writers. 

Mirrors as in Justin Timberlake’s Mirrors? bc if so HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT THAT IS MY JAM OMG. I need to see this now.

*nods* Yup. Justin Timberlake. Your jam? SCORE! You can totoes thank Lam for this. Lammii’s the reasoning behind the song; she’s the one that requested it to Destiel. But YES! You loving the song is a huge bonus  considering I was always going to be dedicating this video to you and Lam both. :)

I miss when you were churning out Dean/Cas videos left and right. I got all nostalgic today and rewatched a bunch that are still on my iPod. FEEEELS.

Ugh. Nostalgia is horrible. I’ve been going through old screenshots of DHB this past week. MY EMOTIONS. I feel ya, bby.

Ooh, you’ll love this then. I’ve been working on a Dean/Cas viddie to Mirrors. I’ve got like, 38 seconds done and the majority of the video planned out, but almost no inspiration to actually edit it. My muse just keeps showing up in quick jabs here and there for this project; never able to do anymore than 10 seconds here or there. *sigh* I’m hoping to get it completed before Xmas tho. At the very least, before the month is out I should have a preview up. :)