AHHH (i have yet to watch your preview but..) AHHH FREAKING OUT. When I first heard "Just give me a reason" I always thought of Daley so IM SOOOO HAPPY YOUR VIDDING IT ashkajshkajhsk


So late in replying to this. Sorry, bb!

Hehe! Your enthusiasm always makes me so ridiculously giddy. Thanks for that boost, hun, totally needed it. Ugh. I’ve been stuck in such a rut with crossovers for these past few months. *sigh* Hopefully this video will spark something. ;)

Btw, your Black Flies video? Openly weeping. Ugh. So damn gorgeous and emotional. Flawless, girl, seriously.

EMMYYYYYY *hugs you tight* I REALLY MISS YOU. I hope you are doing well in your life! <333

GAAABYBOOO! *latches onto you* Oh God, I miss you too. So much! 

We need to have a big love-fest.

Like NOW.

It’s been too long since we’ve talked properly. 


miss you bb :D

I miss you too, sweetheart.


(I just wanted to let you know that I do know about the board and I’m definitely going to let you know just how much that board/you and the gals changed my life. It’ll be up before the month is out. ;)  ILY BOO.)

EMMY WHERE ARE YOU? I miss you all I ever see/hear from you is through your teen wolf reblogs LOL

I know! I’m horrible. I’m the suckiest friend in the entire world. I promise promise promise I’m going to make it up to you and the gals/boy and board soon! 

(If it helps any, I’m vidding Daley right this minute. :P) And I promise, without fail, I’m going to be on dhb on the 19th for posting party! I’m definitely going to be on more afterward too! I’m sorry I haven’t been around and that I basically neglected everyone. I’m going to make it up to y’all. ILYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

OMG your blog is so pretty BUTTTT im so not used to you having no Daleyness on it LOL *TOTAL DWEEB* haha but its gorgeous no matter what ;)

Thank you, hun! :D Ahhh! OMG. I don’t know how I could forget them. :’O 

That’s so unlike me. *cuddles my Daley*

I rectified the situation bb. My blog is now complete. <3

I now have that song stuck in my head; thank you very much XPPP (beetlejuice)

It’s never getting outta my head now, so I needed to share my misery. Cheers, bb. :P

I need to watch this show! BEAUTIFUL emmy

Goodness, yes! You must watch this show, bb. It is one of the most amazing. I swear you won’t regret it. 

i was bawling in this scene

Me too! I have never NEVER cried so hard during an episode as I did with Reichenbach Fall. 

You’re finally vidding Save A Place!!! ‘YAY’ even if it’s not to SPN.

YES! I hope you’re not too disappointed that I’m not vidding it to Supernatural. I’ve spent the last two years trying to vid that song to SPN, but I’ve never felt it click as well as it did with Sherlock. 

bb that version of tie up my hands that you used; is it different from the original? Because the ones I keep downloading have a softer feel to them and yours had this rockish vibe.

I pitched-shifted the song so that might of made it sound different? I haven’t really known the song long enough to know if there are different versions of it. This is the one that I used:


Thank you babies!!

I&#8217;m sending these both out to my dhb bbs! 
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Thank you babies!!

I’m sending these both out to my dhb bbs! 


NEW THEME! I like *nods* esp that daley picture *nods*