I miss & love you :(

EMEM Thanks for making me addicted to "Tie Up My Hands" Idk how you do it but every time you vid a song to Daley I can't stop listening to it XD

Ehehehe! That’s so awesome! I’m thrilled to have such musical influence; particularly with Starsailor because the band is severely underrated. <3 Thank you for making me smile, Tantan!

Lol so apperently I had alot to say so I sent you a PM on the DHB XD

askcmsd! EEE! YAY! BIG PMs GIVE ME A HAPPY. :’) I’ll reply asap, bb!

Thank you babies!!

I&#8217;m sending these both out to my dhb bbs! 
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Thank you babies!!

I’m sending these both out to my dhb bbs! 


EMEM! I miss you so much bb like you don't even know! How are you?? Hope you had an amazing bday and I promise I will make you some stuff, my muse is just gone for awhile now :( but i'm trying to come back so that will be all for you! Also I looove your new theme it's so pretty and that daley manip is still amazing!!


Aw! I miss you much more, sweetie! I did have a lovely bday, thank you! I’m good. Well, currently suffering without an air conditioner, but hopefully that’ll change by the end of the week. ooo and insomnia is kicking my ass. LOL. HOW ARE YOU!!!!!? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?

Ugh. Doesn’t it just frustrate you when your muse decides to go on a leave of absence? lbmklgm. Mine’s been doing that as of late. But no no! Don’t even worry about that, hunnie! You don’t have to make me anything! Just getting to talk with my dear tomatohead is a gift! *hugs tight* And thank you, bb! I’m happy you like the new look. 

Gaby, Tanja, and Autumn tagged me.

  1. What book or movie or TV Show or song has made the biggest impact on you emotionally?
  2. Something that really annoys you to no end?
  3. Thrift stores or malls?
  4. Something that lifts up your mood when you’ve got the blues?
  5. Your go-to song when you are depressed?
  6. A favorite quote?
  7. If you could paint a picture of any scenery you’ve seen before, what would you paint?
  8. If you were reincarnated as an animal/drink/ice cream flavor, what would it be?
  9. What did you do growing up that got you into trouble?
  10. If your life could be any book or movie or TV show, which would you want it to be?
  11. Where’s Waldo? 

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Hey bb want to beta again? lol it's not much but still XD

DEFINITELY! It’s totes fun!

1-100 Right back at ya XD

OH JESUS. I H8CHU…. friggin’ tomatoes… :P

1. had sex? - Nope.

2. bought condoms? - Nope.

3. gotten pregnant? - Nope.

4. failed a class? - Nope.

5. kissed a boy? - Nope.

6. kissed a girl? - Nope.

7. used a little paper bag for lunch? - Nope.

8. had a job? - Sorta. I wasn’t paid for the work, but I did get something in return so…

9. slipped on ice? - Oh yes lol.

10. missed the school bus? - Nope.

11. left the house without my wallet? - Always lol.

12. bullied someone on the internet? - Nope.

13. sexted? - Nope.

14. had sex in public? - Nope.

15. played on a sports team? - Yes. When I was a kid there was a soccer team at school and I was on it. :)

16. smoked weed? - Nope.

17. smoked cigarettes? - Nope. But I inhale it every day soo.. :(

18. smoked a cigar? - Nope.

19. drank alcohol? - Yesssss!

20. watched “The Breakfast Club”? - YES! LOVE LOVE THAT MOVIE SFM.

21. been overweight? - Yes.

22. been underweight? - Yes.

23. had an eating disorder? - Yes. Sorta. A couple years ago for about a month we literately had no money at all, not even a friggin’ dime. NO ONE would help us, loans not an option, foodbank only lasted so long, so basically we starved for that month. And when we got food again I just threw it up. My body wasn’t used to it. It was quite sometime before I could keep something down.

24. been to a wedding? - Yes.

25. made fun of someone for being fat? - Nope.

26. been on the computer for 5 hours straight? - Yes.

27. watched tv for 5 hours straight? - Yes.

28. been late for work? - No.

29. been late for school? - Nope.

30. kissed in the rain? - Nope.

31. showered with someone else? Nope.

32. failed my drivers test? - Nope.

33. ran a mile in less than 10 minutes? - Nope.

34. been outside my home country? - Nope.

35. been on a road trip longer than 5 hours? - Nope.

36. had lice? - Yup.

37. gotten my heart broken? - No. I’ll allow it bend, but never break.

38. had a credit card? - Nope.

39. been to a professional sports game? - Yes.

40. broken a bone? - Yup. My middle finger on my right hand.

41. been unhappy about my weight? - Not really. I don’t dwell on it because it’s kinda a rollercoaster with me. I’m either up or down. I’m never consistent. Which is something I need to change. So, I guess yes for health reasons.

42. won a trophy? - Yes.

43. cut myself? - Accidentally yes.

44. had an STD? - Nope.

45. got engaged? - Nope.

46. been on a diet? - Nope.

47. tried out to be on a tv show? - Nope.

48. rode in a taxi? - Yes.

49. been to prom? - Nope.

50. played a drinking game? - Yes.

51. stayed up for 24 hours or more? - Yes. ALWAYS. ugh. Insomia sucks.

52. been to a concert? - Yes.

53. had a three-some? - Yes. Me, Jack Daniels, and Supernatural. *loving sigh* LOL srsly though, no.

54. had a crush on someone of the same sex? - Nope.

55. been in a car accident? - Yes.

56. had braces? - Nope.

57. learned another language? - I used to know how to speak French when I was younger, but I kinda blocked everything school-related out so…

58. killed an animal? - Do spiders and insects count?

59. been at a yard sale? - Yes.

60. been to a japanese steakhouse? - No.

61. wore make up? - Yes.

62. talked to someone via webcam? - No.

63. lost my virginity before I was 16? - No.

64. had my wisdom teeth taken out? - Nope.

65. kissed someone a different race than myself? - Nope.

66. snuck out of the house? - Yes.

67. bought porn? - Nope.

68. had a virus on my computer? Yup.

69. had oral sex? - Nope.

70. dyed my hair? - Attempted. Failed attempt.

71. gone skinny dipping? - Nope.

72. graduated from college? - Nope.

73. wore someone else’s clothes? - Yes.

74. voted in a presidential election? - Nope.

75. rode in an ambulance? - Yes.

76. rode in a helicopter? - No.

77. caught the stove on fire? - Yes.

78. got in a verbal fight? - Yes. Plenty of times.

79. met someone famous? - Yes.

80. been on vacation? - Yes.

82. been on a boat? - No.

81. been on an airplane? - No.

83. broken something expensive? - Yup.

84. had surgery? - Yup.

85. kissed someone before I was 14? - Nope.

86. beat a video game? - YES! OMG. I LOVE VIDEO GAMES. 

87. found something valuable on the ground? - Yes.

88. made a survey? - Nope.

89. stalked someone on a social network? - No… What kinda stalker would I be if I admitted to said stalking? LOL! 

90. prank called someone? - Yes.

92. spent over $100 shopping in one day? - Yes.

91. been to a library outside of school? - Yes.

93. cut my hair and hated it? - Nope.

94. peed outside? - Yes. lol long story…

95. went fishing? Nope.

96. helped with charity? - Yes.

97. taken a pregnancy test? - Nope.

98. been rejected by a crush? - Nope.

99. been suspended from school? - Yes.

100.broken a mirror? - Yes. Two of ‘em. 14 of years of bad luck. Ain’t I a lucky duck?

BB do you want to beta a short part of my vid for Manda her bday? *puppy eyes*

TOTALLY!!!! EEE! I always get so pumped and excited when I get asked to beta. Especially excited because YOU ARE VIDDING!!!! OMG. 

BB you still here? I just made an manip and idk if it looks good lol!

I’m here! OMG. LEMME SEE!!! I always love seeing your work.