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Dean & Cas - Mirrors (complete)

“Where’s your Alpha, Mowgli?”


Teen wolf/Supernatural AU: In which Dean tortures Derek



RIP Chad Everett (June 11, 1936 – July 24, 2012)



Now the Teen Wolf & Supernatural fandom are buds?


No, we are not buds. Teen Wolf is the annoying stupid little brother we can’t bring to hate.
Superwho is the besties and Lock is the awesome girl we have a crush on.


“Son of a bitch award shows…”

Okay, I understand that Teen Wolf was wrongfully ignored, and Supernatural lost yet again, and plenty of other fandoms were ignored, but can we please have a moment of silence for the show Chuck?


After five seasons, all of which ran purely on the actors’ commitment the crews’  hard work and the fans’ faith and dedication. After 91 episodes of sheer perfection that lead to a wonderful bittersweet ending to a beautiful show- we, too, as a fandom worked hard on our “last mission” to get Team Bartowski a win at the TCA’s, and we get skipped over. 

We don’t even get one last mention as our show comes to a close. 

And they also made our main actor announce Twilight, which is like adding salt to the wound.

But that doesn’t matter, right guys? We’ll always have Buy More. 

So let’s all gather around and cry into our Subway sandwiches. 

I love you guys. 


When Derek realizes he is being possessed by the Leviathans, he seeks help from Stiles.

And we’ll be jolly friends, Forevermore

And we’ll be jolly friends,