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garrett or mason

Roman’s laying in the hospital like



"I leave you two assholes alone for one night and Dean’s carted out in restraints and Seth’s out here trying to cash in on his death wish…"


w h a t d o y o u h e a r ?

the key

The quickest way to destroy someone? Tell them they never mattered to you. Tell them they were never the thing they always thought they were to you. (We were never friends. We were never brothers. We were never sisters.) Tell them you couldn’t care less about them. Tell them that you never loved them the way they always loved you.

HIGHLIGHTS - DallasCon 2014 J2 Breakfast


  • The Mockumentary was situationally scripted but all ad libbed & MUCH LONGER
  • Jensen still feels pressure about tweeting, he consults Jared or someone before each tweet
  • It was Jared’s idea to follow up the #LonelyJensen tweet
  • J2 Confirm they are raising their families in Austin
  • Aside from Jared, Jensen has a lot of friends in Austin and wants to have a support system to raise his family
  • Jensen got a pic the other day of Tom and JJ riding around in their double stroller.
  • Jared then I got a text from Jensen like omg these are our kids and I’m like don’t go all cheesy on me
  • Jared would like Jensen to play comedy
  • Jensen did hot yoga once and had to leave to puke
  • Thomas Padalecki dreams of horses…
  • J2 said: They are each other’s constant. 



Season 4: Lydia, Kira, and Malia

sam’s reaction when dean tells him to shut up

sam’s reaction when dean tells him to shut up

Dean Winchester variations.