let’s play a game called “how many people can i ship deputy jordan parrish with” 

did you guess ALL THE PEOPLE because if you guessed ALL THE PEOPLE you would be correct my friend congratulations you win


this is why i love parrish


scott and kira try to have sexy times?

kate argent swoops in “we’re going to church ya’ll need jesus.”


you know if DANNY MAHEALANI were in the goal this shit wouldn’t be happening i’m JUST SAYING


how did this conversation with derek even go was scott just like “derek can i borrow your place for date night??? nothing ever goes wrong when people hook up at your place!!!”

and did derek just start laughing on his couch, keep laughing to his coat on the desk, continue laughing as he put it on and walked out the door, tossing scott his keys at the last second before disappearing???


peter i know you’re a werewolf and don’t understand how people work BUT LET ME TELL YOU RUNNING SOMEONE THROUGH WITH AN IRON ROD IS NOT A GOOD WAY TO NOT KILL A PERSON